Monday, September 6, 2010

Wrath of Lamb September 06/10

I hate Dave Sawchuk. About two weeks ago. when Dylan was away, Dave spend a good chunk of the morning talking about his experience dealing with a wolf spider. It was wolf spider this, wolf spider that. Since then, when I'm at home, I'll have little pangs of fear, as I remember 'Oh, maybe there's a wolf spider around here somewhere'.

Well, yesterday it happened.

We have a double sink in our kitchen, on one side we wash the dishes, the other side has a large plastic drying rack thing in it. Yesterday, I was cleaning up, and I lifted the drying rack to give that side of the sink a scrub... and there it was. A wolf spider... the size of an aircraft carrier. I jumped back, dropping the drying rack and breaking several dishes.

Then the battle began... I turned on the tap full blast, which knocked the spider down, but only pissed him off, as he quickly ran up the side and onto the counter. In one motion, I swept him back into the sink with a tea towel, while turning on the kettle. I grabbed an unbroken cup and splashed water on him, sending him down the drainhole. But that's not enough, as I know from previous experience... these things can live through just about anything. So out came the dish detergent and the boiling water. I think that did the trick.

My wife came home, and after I explained the carnage, she told me she had seen a wolf spider in the living room. I said 'How did you kill it?' She said 'I didn't... I scooped it up and put it outside'.

Pfffft.... girls.

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